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Healthy Chi Services offers a wide range of therapies. Our therapist has been trained and accredited in all modalities and offers many years of treatment experience. Check out Ingrid’s accreditation here.

Prices start from $90 1/2 hr to $120 1 hr

$70 1/2 hr to $100 1hr for Pensioner and Seniors cardholders (Valid cards only) 


Aromatherapy is applied to bare skin, aiding the health of clients.

Treatment can be for Emotions, Stress, Pain, Migraines and headaches, Well-being and relaxation, to name a few.

I use pure Aromatherapy oils and not fragrant oils.

I have been using Aromatherapy oils since 1997. I find that they can be beneficial to clients and very effective in treating the well-being of clients.

If you have any allergies please inform me prior to your appointment.

Half-hour or one-hour sessions are available.


Bowen Therapy is offered as part of the Remedial Therapies here at Healthy Chi Services.

It involves very gentle movements across acupressure points and kinesiology points whilst the client is fully dressed.

The Bowen technique is safe to use on anyone, from newborns to the elderly and for any musculoskeletal or related neuromuscular complaint. It is a holistic treatment that treats the whole person and aims to treat the cause of problems, rather than the symptoms.

Sessions for Bowen can be interpreted with Remedial Massage.


Crystal Healing Sessions take about one hour. Clients stay fully clothed during this time.

Crystals are placed on each Chakra of the body starting at the head, and right down to your toes.

Each Chakra has a crystal assigned to it. The practitioner uses a Quartz Crystal to heal each Chakra and the crystal that applies to that area.

Clients report that they are relaxed and feel quite calm, and also that they feel quite a lot of heat going through the crystals in the Chakras.

Please feel free to try Crystal Healing!


Thank you for your interest in Flower and Herbal Remedies Sessions.

With the aid of a Healy Device, a session can take up to an hour, whilst the client is fully clothed.

You might ask “What is a Healy Device?”

A Healy Device uses Frequencies that are normally not heard by humans, some people are more sensitive than others. The Healy Device is clipped onto your shirt and software is used via quantum physics programs that aid healing. (Note – this Device does not cure disease).

Various programs are available: Bach Flowers, Australian Bush Flowers, Schussler Salts, and Alaskan Gem Elixers, to name a few. Please feel free to discuss any questions that you may have.

Clients simply sit in a comfortable chair for the treatment in the clinic or this can be done remotely.


Reflexology is a wonderful modality that treats the whole body via the pressure points in the feet, legs, arms and hands.

Applying pressure to specific reflex points is believed to stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system.

Reflexology stimulates the body to heal itself by improving circulation, reducing stress, and pain and restoring natural balance.

Great for pregnant women and their babies. Reflexology can be used for children as well as adults. It’s especially great for growing pains.

Reflexology sessions can be one hour or half an hour in length.


I use the Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho System. It takes up to one hour for a session. Clients remain clothed during the session.

Reiki is a very ancient art of healing, brought about in Japan some two thousand years ago. Can also provide over-the-phone consultations

Reiki energy is channelled via the practitioner through their hands and their crown chakra ( which they are initiated into from Level 1, 2, and 3 Reiki). The client’s energy blocks and chakras are healed via the practitioner laying their hands over each section of the body, to give a full body treatment.

Most clients agree that Reiki is very relaxing as well as feeling quite a bit of heat coming from my hands as I treat each Chakra. I start above the head and follow through until I get to the client’s feet, then I ask the client to turn over and work my way back up the body.

Clients report they are very relaxed during their sessions of Reiki and often fall asleep on the massage table. I have been treating clients with Reiki for 21 years. Clients report that they feel better and more relaxed, treatments that have been given are for: Pain, Arthritis, Joint Pain, Back and Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Emotional Issues, and Stress to name a few.


What is animal Reiki?

During a Reiki session, animals often experience a deep state of peace as the Reiki clears imbalances, allowing for new and harmonious patterns of health and wellness to emerge. Physical contact is not a requirement for Reiki and traditionally the practitioner offers Reiki to the animal as hands-on or hands-off therapy.

The Benefits of Animal Reiki

  • Relieving anxiety.
  • Creating a stronger sense of well-being.
  • Relieving pain.
  • Strengthening the immune system.
  • Supporting healing.
  • Helping with behavioural issues by promoting relaxation and stress reduction.
  • Promoting overall health and wellness. 

What Do I Not Do?

When I performed Animal Reiki, I do not diagnose conditions, prescribe nor perform medical treatment, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. I always recommend an animal be taken to a licensed veterinarian or licensed health care professional for any ailment, condition, or concern.


I see that you are wanting a Theta Healing Session. Let me explain what this entails:

Theta Healing is a modality that takes you as the client into a relaxed state of mind.

Using Theta Brain Waves to bring about healing, transforming deeply held blocks and negative beliefs and trauma.

This aligns you with the universal healing that is able to bring the client’s Energy into a more balanced state of well-being all the while being supported all the way throughout the session by the practitioner. Can also provide over-the-phone consultations


Oracle card readings by Ingrid…

22years experience. I use channelling as well as Oracle cards…can be face-to-face or over the phone. I have a large variety of Oracle cards that I use. You can choose a deck for your reading on the day.
Happy vibes…love and light.
Can also provide over-the-phone consultations


Iridology is the study of the eyes to gain insight into a person’s overall health.

We look at the colour and structure of the iris, sclera and pupil to help gain an understanding of past, present and future health conditions. Different parts of the eyes relate to different organs, parts of the body and personality characteristics, and we are able to gain insights into their weaknesses and strengths. Iridology can determine potential health risks at the earliest stage and can identify specific nurture points that we need to give extra attention to in daily life. It is important to understand the basis of iridology: Marks and colours in the iris can show various conditions of the body’s tissues and do not indicate abnormalities in the eye or iris itself, which is a separate medical specialization called ophthalmology. Iridology gives the holistic health practitioner a tool to analyze the overall constitution or resiliency of a client, It also provides an insight into our inherent challenge areas or areas of less vitality, which we each have inherited based on genetics. For the holistic health practitioner, an iridology reading will help to identify potential causes of problems, not specific symptoms. Before symptoms or pathology develop in the body, iridology may reveal that organs or systems are overstressed, under or over-functioning, or predisposed to the disease. Specifically, iridology can help holistic health practitioners to:

Reveal basic constitutional strength
Provide a holistic view of the body
Identify areas of potential inflammation
Identify propensity for poor elimination
Identify propensity for over-acidity (which can lead to pre-arthritic conditions)
Identify what areas of the body may explain the underlying causes of symptoms
Reveal propensity for adverse tissue change, or reduced function or vitality in the body before it manifests as illness
Identify inherited propensity for lowered vitality
Reveal a propensity for an increased need for particular nutrients, and hence the propensity for vitamin and mineral deficiencies
Identify whether a client has the propensity to be impacted by stress
Identify any propensity for reduced assimilation, elimination, and other digestive and endocrine functions


Whilst fully clothed Spiritual Healing can be performed in a variety of ways, depending on the client’s requirements.

– Sound Therapy together with/without Meditation can be applied to the client whilst sitting or laying on a massage bed/chair.
This can be either applied with singing bowls, American Indian drums or voice. At the end of a massage as well..or separately, usually takes half an hour!
-Healing with Angels & Meditation, can be added onto a massage or be a half-hour session, on its own.

Healthy Chi Services

We care for and treat your whole body mind and spirit.